About us

Youngeun Museum is an art museum that strives for a multi-cultural space where art studios coexist

Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in 2000 as a complex cultural facility comprising a residency art studio on the basis of the Daeyu Cultural Foundation.

The Museum has been striving to become a place of creation as well as a place of living art that breathes with the public, freeing from the past form of museum that mainly focused on the preservation and exhibition of art works.

The Museum, located in a spacious town surrounded by a beautiful natural environment in Gwangju, consists of a museum building that holds exhibitions, an art studio and a research building for creative activities, and an outdoor sculpture park.

The Youngeun Residency Art Studio, the very first residency studio of its form opened in a private art museum in Korea, started its operation around the opening of the Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art. Up to 2020, more than 250 artists have been actively engaging in art creation after their participation in the Youngeun Residency Program.

The Core of Contemporary Art World

The Museum introduces prominent artists as well as art works through group exhibitions and solo exhibitions, and, through the artist-in-residence programs, it supports contemporary artists.

On the other hand, it organizes various workshops, artist’s presentation and art-related projects every year and operates numerous international exchange programs. Along with these constant efforts, the Museum aims to construct lively discourses on contemporary art and become a core of contemporary art world.

The Bridge between Art and the Public

The Museum holds exhibitions that embrace art-related people, art experts as well as the general public. Furthermore, providing diverse art programs to the public, the Museum creates countless opportunities for the public to enjoy culture and get cultural welfare.

Those efforts ultimately contribute to extend the range of art and the public role of art for the society.

The Extension of Art Education

The Museum runs diverse art programs and events including exhibition-related programs, participation programs of ceramic art, glass art and dyeing art.

The programs cover all ages from children and adolescents to adults. With the educational programs, the Museum aims to come up with local people and help their understanding about art and culture.

Youngeun Art Museum Organization chart

name position / job Tel. (extension) email address
Park Sunjoo
Director / Management and administration
Jung Hyojung
Senior Curator / Exhibition, Education
031-761-0137 (1011)
Yoo Jisu
Curator / Archive
031-761-0137 (1008)
Myeong Jaehee
Curator / Residency
031-761-0137 (1001)
Son WooSung
Curatorial Assist
031-761-0137 (1004)
Eunbi Cho
Curatorial Assist
031-761-0137 (1006)
Choi youkyoung
Curatorial Assist
031-761-0137 (1006)
Lee Da Young
Curatorial Assist
031-761-0137 (1015)
Chunseop Byun
Managing Director / Secretariat
031-761-0137 (1014)
Kwon Somang
Management & Finance / Curatorial Assist
031-761-0137 (1002)
Chae Seong Eun
Management & Finance / Art shop
031-761-0137 (1006)
Byungkook Lee
Assistant Manager / Management Team
031-761-0137 (1012)
Bonggon Kim
Chief / Management Team
031-761-0137 (1013)
Kicheon Kim
Assistant / Management Team
031-761-0137 (1019)
Jaewon Yoon
Security / Management Team
031-761-0137 (1009 / 1010)
Jongil Lee
Security / Management Team
031-761-0137 (1009 / 1010)
Choongsik Oh
Assistant / Management Team