The Residency Program of Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art

The Youngeun Art Studio Program, which started in 2000, is an art creation supporting program organized by the Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art.
It aims at supporting creative activities of domestic and foreign artists who explore various expression media, contributing to the development of the Korean art world and fostering artists who can actively respond to the globalized era.
This program, which targets various artists from domestic and foreign emerging artists to mid-career and veteran artists, provides artists with an optimal creative environment surrounded by nature and induces mutual communication and cooperation to develop local culture beyond the 'artist community'.
Youngeun Art Studio started with the opening of the museum. Various international long-term and short-term residency artists have passed through the Art Studio.
Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, which has the functions of a contemporary art museum and an art studio, actively utilizes the outstanding expertise of resident artists who are attracting attention as internationally promising artists in the art world to develop and operate a variety of educational programs such as experiences and academies other than exhibitions. The museum has been growing together with the citizens, the underprivileged, and multicultural families.

Studio Facilities

Painting Studio / Sculpture Studio

2 rooms of 5pyeong, 7 rooms of 20 pyeong, Height 6m, toilet, shower room, outdoor workshop (sculputre studio building)

Complex Studio

Workroom with ceiling height of 4m (5 rooms of 13 pyeong, shared bathroom) and educational facilities of 70 pyeong

Research building (accommodation)

Ondol room with shower room / Number of rooms: 6 pyeong / 23 rooms


Located on the 2nd floor of the research building. About 50 people can have a joint meal and get together. 25 pyeong 1 room

Common kitchen

A space where resident artists can cook simple meals individually. 6 pyeong 1 room

YEMCA Residency Studio